Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it almost made me cry

i'm a b2uty and i'm happy to be one:)
i've just watched BEAST's special at KBS Win Win, with their dads! awesome~ they talked about their hard times, they've been rejected and how they got through all the difficulties. it almost made me cry, because my parents were there. if i was alone, i thought i would. but there were some funny moments, so that sort of cheered me up. their fathers even danced fiction! ahhh i'm proud of them~ even i've read all those stories through the web, it felt different hearing it straight from them. BEAST, hwaiting! b2uties will always support you guys~

p/s: Yoseob and A Pink's Eunji just released their special collaboration, Love Day at 12.00 KST. so, it's 11.00 PM Malaysia time. (i almost forgot about it as i was watching KBS Win Win and didn't even realize that it has ended T_T) please listen to the awesome new track: Love Day.
so BEAST! anneyeonghaseyo, BEAST imnida~ yeahh BEAST family:)