Saturday, February 11, 2012

the way people sees

annyeong! first of all, i'm WARNING you guys! this post is about kpop! but i'm not going to babble nonsense about this kpop thinggy. it's my father's point of view.

just now, my father saw IU's music video of 'You and I'. i love that song! my father seemed awe by their dance routines. the way they danced, they seemed like a pro. so, i told him that before they (kpop artist) debuted, they had been a trainee for years. and he told me, "think why kpop suddenly became a trend. they didnt just come out of nowhere. the most important thing is HARDWORK. they work hard enough to achieve such a fame. the way they dance, it's not like it came naturally. they've been trained and they work hard for it" and he added, "dont watch kpop just for fun. think of the HARDWORK behind it"

woah that's deep.

and the moral of the story: work hard to achieve your dream^^

free IU for all bhahahaha~ ahh pretty IU. no wonder yoseob likes her so much.