Saturday, February 25, 2012

there's no break in life.

hello:) HAHA well, the title just came out randomly but since i'm gonna babble about car+licence, it would work, right? yesterday, i went to kampung melayu with Balqis and seriously, i'm attracted to the way she drive. to be frank, i rarely pay any attention when my parents were driving but i got interested out of sudden. she was very competent. plus, it's a manual car. and it was my first experience on reloading the petrol (is it the right term for isi minyak? heee) and i just understood why people were complaining about it, petrol is expensive!

the point of the story is actually, i'm taking a driver licence. i just got back from the first class. at first, i registered to take a motorcycle licence but changed my mind afterward. motorcycle is terrifying. hope i'll pass the upcoming test. bye-yeom^^