Saturday, February 4, 2012

little Miss Yang

"My height is shorter than anyone's but my dreams are bigger than anyone's."

yoseob's words means a lot to me.yeah, i'm not tall, i mean, i'm extremely short! but since i knew yoseob and heard this quote of his (which is in the form of rap), i got more strength and more confident in myself. YANG YO SEOB, hwaiting!

light yo, fire seob!

'you can do it once you believe' and i believe! ahh, yoseob and i have so much incommon. it's like we're meant for each other (Dreaming~ ni mamdo na gatgireul Praying~ gaseum joimyeo nan gidohae) and we're perfect together! (Perfect~ modeun ge wanbyeokhae Terrific~ geotgwa sok modu da eojjeom neoneun mojaraneun ge hanado eomneun geonji) bhahaha~


sohee is cute ne?