Sunday, February 19, 2012

i think i'm crazy

DongWoon: Hyung, i think i'm crazy.

YoSeob: Why?

DongWoon: I look so handsome.

YoSeob: You wanna die?

HAHA they're cute, right?

well, i think i'm crazy too. not because i think i'm cute but i'm crazy over BEAST! ahhhh~

yesterday, i went to KSL and there's tons of KPOP stuffs! awesome~

i didnt even get a chance to take a single picture there since i was busy BEAST-ing. heee:)

anyways, here's some BEAST i've collected!

the posters are from Shafiqah, the button badge from Afiqah, the frame+Yoseob from Najilah and the compilation of Yoseob from Amira! and the rest of the stuff, i bought it myself. from the Idol Ido at KSL, the pillow+purse+keychains+pencil box.