Saturday, February 25, 2012

there's no break in life.

hello:) HAHA well, the title just came out randomly but since i'm gonna babble about car+licence, it would work, right? yesterday, i went to kampung melayu with Balqis and seriously, i'm attracted to the way she drive. to be frank, i rarely pay any attention when my parents were driving but i got interested out of sudden. she was very competent. plus, it's a manual car. and it was my first experience on reloading the petrol (is it the right term for isi minyak? heee) and i just understood why people were complaining about it, petrol is expensive!

the point of the story is actually, i'm taking a driver licence. i just got back from the first class. at first, i registered to take a motorcycle licence but changed my mind afterward. motorcycle is terrifying. hope i'll pass the upcoming test. bye-yeom^^

Sunday, February 19, 2012

i think i'm crazy

DongWoon: Hyung, i think i'm crazy.

YoSeob: Why?

DongWoon: I look so handsome.

YoSeob: You wanna die?

HAHA they're cute, right?

well, i think i'm crazy too. not because i think i'm cute but i'm crazy over BEAST! ahhhh~

yesterday, i went to KSL and there's tons of KPOP stuffs! awesome~

i didnt even get a chance to take a single picture there since i was busy BEAST-ing. heee:)

anyways, here's some BEAST i've collected!

the posters are from Shafiqah, the button badge from Afiqah, the frame+Yoseob from Najilah and the compilation of Yoseob from Amira! and the rest of the stuff, i bought it myself. from the Idol Ido at KSL, the pillow+purse+keychains+pencil box.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

because you know it's true.

hey hey:) so, i saw a picture of me when i was little and it was soooo cute~ bhahaha. i wish i could go back then and be little me again! those memories must be awesome. but i couldn't remember a thing T_T.

there's nothing to be afraid of and there's no commitment, ahhhhh~

i wish there's a time machine!we're the AWESOME! HAHA adorable, right? shafiqah, anis, afiqah and balqish~

(duhhh the pictures are blurr)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

the way people sees

annyeong! first of all, i'm WARNING you guys! this post is about kpop! but i'm not going to babble nonsense about this kpop thinggy. it's my father's point of view.

just now, my father saw IU's music video of 'You and I'. i love that song! my father seemed awe by their dance routines. the way they danced, they seemed like a pro. so, i told him that before they (kpop artist) debuted, they had been a trainee for years. and he told me, "think why kpop suddenly became a trend. they didnt just come out of nowhere. the most important thing is HARDWORK. they work hard enough to achieve such a fame. the way they dance, it's not like it came naturally. they've been trained and they work hard for it" and he added, "dont watch kpop just for fun. think of the HARDWORK behind it"

woah that's deep.

and the moral of the story: work hard to achieve your dream^^

free IU for all bhahahaha~ ahh pretty IU. no wonder yoseob likes her so much.

Friday, February 10, 2012

never think yourself as the 'perfect' one.

i've just got the inspiration to write this from a random person and i admit, i'm not perfect and i'm not trying to be perfect. because it's IMPOSSIBLE. and when you try to be perfect, you'll end up being worse than you already does. when you try too hard to make things better, you'll end up being a jerk. i mean, when you try to clear things up, but you're actually covering up youself and hurting others. so, better be quiet and let it clears by itself.


well, but it depends. maybe you need to know the reason.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday dear bro!

HAHA happy birthday to my brother, Aiman Nadzmi.

7th February. 16 years old.

thank you for the free calls! bhahaha~

i mean, i've been calling my friends since this morning as my sim card was registered with his birth date. so, free calls for me! yeay^^

which one, huh? the one with the stripes shirt

(everybody else was wearing kotak kotak ==')

Saturday, February 4, 2012

little Miss Yang

"My height is shorter than anyone's but my dreams are bigger than anyone's."

yoseob's words means a lot to me.yeah, i'm not tall, i mean, i'm extremely short! but since i knew yoseob and heard this quote of his (which is in the form of rap), i got more strength and more confident in myself. YANG YO SEOB, hwaiting!

light yo, fire seob!

'you can do it once you believe' and i believe! ahh, yoseob and i have so much incommon. it's like we're meant for each other (Dreaming~ ni mamdo na gatgireul Praying~ gaseum joimyeo nan gidohae) and we're perfect together! (Perfect~ modeun ge wanbyeokhae Terrific~ geotgwa sok modu da eojjeom neoneun mojaraneun ge hanado eomneun geonji) bhahaha~


sohee is cute ne?

Friday, February 3, 2012


ahhh, it's holiday! yeah~

but i'm BORED. i was waiting for holiday since the first day of school but now, ahhh there's nothing to do. even it's the weekend, i would still do my daily routine, like, DOING HOMEWORKS! seriously, i cant get myself from NOT DOING those. what is happening to me? am i being diligent? since when? and it feel AWKWARD onlining ~.~ i'm bored when onlining and happy when doing homeworks~ (duhhh, nerd talk ==") yahhh! i'm happy seeing YOSEOB too!okay bye

(such a boring topic!)

guitar is soooooo cool~