Saturday, January 28, 2012

sugar and sugar and sugar and more sugar~

so, i really wanted to make memories as sweet as sugar, seriously.

first, with my family of course. but my bro often forgot to take our pictures =="

then, memories with yang yoseob! HAHA. act, haritu aku nampak album BEAST aw, mastermind, lights go on again and fiction and fact. nak beli! but then i thought, mana nak dengar? aku bukan ade cd player pun~ then nak tunggu album kedua keluar ah, then ahh baik keje dulu, make money and then think about what to do with it later.

ohh, memories with friends! yahhh, miss my unnie, AMALINA ALIAH and that dumbo~ HAHA. and miss my dongdong and the alien too and also my maxie minnie~ kyahhhh. (cehh nak bukak sekolah baru nak rindu? HAHA)

btw, dongdong, wait for your leeteuk!

he's on the way. thanks to me^^