Sunday, January 29, 2012


for regretting, but i regretted it.

okay this post is about 'regretting on something' but it's a bit specific. it's about money.

have you ever feel regretted after buying something? i have these problems, i'm a bit fussy when it comes to money but when i had a lot of money, i tend to spend it without thinking twice and regretted it when i'm broke ==" but then, it happens again and again. such a bad me!

well, not buying it for yourself, but for others. i've bought a smartphone and a pair of BEATS using my own savings but i didn't regret it as it gave benefits to me~but i was thinking, what about buying something that cost a lot to others? there's this person who gave me a pair of shoes, a CONVERSE from BEIJING. it may cost a lot (well, if it was expensive). then, would he regretted that he had bought me that? it doesnt give any benefit to him, right? well, this in just my own thought~
(woah, i wrote in english ~.~ influence from asianfanfics, i guess. see, KPOP gave you benefits!)

sorry if this post hurted anyone, it's just my random thought,