Sunday, January 29, 2012


for regretting, but i regretted it.

okay this post is about 'regretting on something' but it's a bit specific. it's about money.

have you ever feel regretted after buying something? i have these problems, i'm a bit fussy when it comes to money but when i had a lot of money, i tend to spend it without thinking twice and regretted it when i'm broke ==" but then, it happens again and again. such a bad me!

well, not buying it for yourself, but for others. i've bought a smartphone and a pair of BEATS using my own savings but i didn't regret it as it gave benefits to me~but i was thinking, what about buying something that cost a lot to others? there's this person who gave me a pair of shoes, a CONVERSE from BEIJING. it may cost a lot (well, if it was expensive). then, would he regretted that he had bought me that? it doesnt give any benefit to him, right? well, this in just my own thought~
(woah, i wrote in english ~.~ influence from asianfanfics, i guess. see, KPOP gave you benefits!)

sorry if this post hurted anyone, it's just my random thought,


Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is JYP Production

goodbye baby goodbye~~~

HAHA sekarang an, setiap post aku kalau takde kpop, tak sah ~.~

act, nak story nih. haritu, tecer suruh buad essay pasal idol nak datang sekolah an. just describe idol yang kita pilih. and it's random! it could be anyone; athlete, celebrity, chef and even KPOP IDOL! kyahhhh~ aku excited gila kod. sampai 5-page and 9-paragraph! kesian tecer nak baca nanti hoho. and ramai kod yang buad pasal kpop,

najilah: JayPark aka Park JaeBeom ==" tp banyak bole cter pasal JP, dy dah berjaya.

nanab: yoochun JYJ. wahhh, kaya tuh.

aida: Junsu JYJ. jutawan muda! *clap clap* why junsu? why?!!!! duk duk duk~

adah: HongKi FT Island. oh, best male vocal in korea kod.

afiqah semput: No other than Yesung SuJu ah. tp mungkin jugak dy buad LeeTeuk sebab lagi banyak archivement kan. one of the best leader in the WORLD!

mir: sungha jung. well, not Kpop but Korean. the young guitarist.

aku: of course la my sweet and charming YANG YOSEOB~ HAHA

and maybe ramai lagi kod yang buad pasal kpop. byk bole cter, saat sukar dyorang (cehh), pencapaian, family bonding dyorang yang sangat rapat etc etc.

okay DONE! babai^^

nado lovey dovey dovey uh uh uh uh~ lovey dovey dovey~~~
yahhh, i cant get that song out of my head! ottokae?

sugar and sugar and sugar and more sugar~

so, i really wanted to make memories as sweet as sugar, seriously.

first, with my family of course. but my bro often forgot to take our pictures =="

then, memories with yang yoseob! HAHA. act, haritu aku nampak album BEAST aw, mastermind, lights go on again and fiction and fact. nak beli! but then i thought, mana nak dengar? aku bukan ade cd player pun~ then nak tunggu album kedua keluar ah, then ahh baik keje dulu, make money and then think about what to do with it later.

ohh, memories with friends! yahhh, miss my unnie, AMALINA ALIAH and that dumbo~ HAHA. and miss my dongdong and the alien too and also my maxie minnie~ kyahhhh. (cehh nak bukak sekolah baru nak rindu? HAHA)

btw, dongdong, wait for your leeteuk!

he's on the way. thanks to me^^

Friday, January 27, 2012

dare to DREAM.

okay this is just random post. lepas result final exam, aku ade ah dapat sikit duit an, lepas tu aku ade tengok 'Beautiful Show' punya teaser. and i bought this~

yahhhh, not yoseob! HAHA macam mana bole beli yoseob? that thing he's holding. yeah, a pair of BEATS! awesome~ HAHA.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

i knew it

fuhh fuhh. semenjak aku jatuh hati pada kpop nih, dah lama gila kod tak update. dah bersarang seh bloggie nih. hari ni, demam ape ntah, tetibe nak update pulak. btw, selama ni aku pun banyak pegy dekat memang best bro! HAHA. fic banyak yang best best. then aku pun dah form5 kan, banyak hw, kena study. tak sempat nak update blog.

btw, check out BEAST new single, 'I Knew It' and mv dy, fuhh terbaikk~ YANG YOSEOB!

kyaahhhh~ SON DONGWOON