Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life is about moving on

ngehh~ i dont know why, but somehow, i failed to move forward. i know, i have to look what in front of me and leave the past behind. i know, ones that have came into my life will leave me sooner or later, but why cant i believe it? when people said that they wont leave me, i want to believe it so badly that i forgot, it's a lie. i'm not saying that they're lying but they're as same as me, dont want to look forward and face the reality. i have to stop living with my memories and past, and move on, following the path of my life:)

 THEM :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

60 seconds is all i need for this story

This is the facts about someone who i've known for a long time. You, yes you, this is all about you, so read it carefully~

1. you love pineapple.
2. you hate soybean.
3. but you like tempe.
4. you like to drink excel 8.
5. you hate lychee drink.
6. you like to eat onion.
7. you have a hard time swallowing cheese.
8. you prefer Kampung's food than Western's food.
9. you never ate at McD.
10. you ate seaweed for the first time in 2012.
11. you failed on your first car's licence test.
12. you like to chew the back of pencil.
13. you'll chew your nail when you're bored.
14. you were a MARA student.
15. you weight more than 50kg.
16. you love Science.
17. you love Biology.
18. you have Ornithophobia.
19. you love robots.
20. you hate when people called you H**.
21. you have four siblings and you are the youngest.
22. you like to listen to slow song (jiwang -.-)
23. you can write nice poem.
24. your storyline in a story you wrote was awesome!
25. you dont like English.
26. you have Bugis' blood.
27. your blood type is B.
28. you dont use blanket while sleeping.
29. you like Beto Kusyairy.
30. you can think of the most unexpected surprise.
31. your story always ended with the most unexpected ending.
32. you're a genius.
33. you cant sing but like to sing.
34. you hate people who use 'kite, awak, i, you'
35. your Alza has a very strong smell.
36. you call your mom 'ibu'.
37. you hate when people have a crush on you and mention your name and create publicity.
38. you cant swim.
39. you cant play soccer.
40. you love badminton and you master it.
41. your dream is to become a professional badminton player.
42. you can play takraw.
43. you were a rugby player.
44. you secretly want to be in medical field. 
45. you like unique things, just like yourself.
46. your ears are extra large.
47. you like grey colour.
48. you hate people interfering your life.
49. you are very secretive.
50. one of your quote was, 'kalau duit bukan dalam pale otak, hidup ni senang je'
51. you like to twist words until it is not understandable - but i can understand it.
52. you dont like Kpop.
53. but you know 2AM - Seulong - Even if i die, i cant let you go.
54. you've watch Personal Taste.
55. one of your favourite comic was Beast Master.
56. you spent your first salary buying badminton racket.
57. your secret code is 431105.
58. you are pampered.
59. you know how to pull a prank and love pranking.
60. Kau sayang aku! (ngehh~ okay this is quite over but it's the fact)

His name is Beto Kusyairy

please, please please~ watch this Aku, Dia dan Tong Sampah. Awesome movie ever! i just cant stop smiling as it was just simply awesome. simple movie, but stylo in its own way. trust me, you guys will definitely fall in love with this movie and try to find a guy who is as awesome as Amir Haikal. there's just no words that could express how good was this movie. please watch it. Thank you to him for encouraging me to watch this movie, my 1 hours 25 minutes and 17 seconds are not wasted. you will not regret it and eventually understand how i felt.  Beto Kusyairy!

 ps: he has lots of in common with Beto:)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It’s only for you

heyhey:) for some reason, i felt like posting something about them~ they've given so much to me and this is the least i can do. i really do appreciate you guys.

First and foremost, Doku Dinokunkun (awesome name, right?). Akak, thank you for being such a great person. thank you for coming yesterday, i really miss you. Akak, thanks for that cute little thing. i'll definitely remember it. thanks for listening to my stories, for being there for me, for understanding me, for being simply amazing. Adik sayang akak!
The budak gedik, Ayiep. i never thought that we can actually get along again. thank you for trusting in me, for spending most of you time with me, for coming yesterday even it was quite hard for you, for calling me late  at night (i hope my mom wont read this xD) and making me laugh everytime i'm with you. seriously, i had lots of fun, and you really made my day.
Choi Mirho! ngehhh~ HAHA. thank you for letting me slept at your house, it was the most awesome moment ever. sorry for bothering you much, but i like it HAHA. and i never thought you were this crazy~ thank you for being my friend, for listening to the nonsense i've babbled about and for sharing the thoughts. i really had an awesome time with you~
Dear Dumu Dindankunkero, (i didn't mention your name okay) THANK YOU! seriously, you gave me the most valuable gift ever! i cried, i did and it was because i was scared at first but then it turns out to be something i've never expected. you said that you want to give me something that i will never forget and you did. i'll remember this forever. and i'll always keep that little thing you gave:)
And Bunny's Kiss~ yeahhh thank you for everything! you've been a great friend to me. thanks for listening to me and didnt say 'No' HAHA. oh, thank you for letting me drive your car even it was dangerously dangerous -.- luckily, we're still alive! thank you for being there for me, giving me advices, being crazily fangirling together and made me happy.

 Thank you guys for being the best person ever. i really love you guys :) Mianhae for all my mistakes and troubles i've caused. and i hope we'll meet again soon. oh and thank you for coming here yesterday and made it one of the best day ever~

extra: Michael Ariff Pritchard, thank you! you know, this was the first time i sang on stage and it was with you. you said it's not the song or the voice but the memories that matters. and this was the best memory that i'll remember as long as i can:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My heart is Beating.

Anneyeonghaseyo:) so, i've just visited a few blogs and found out that most of the bloggers are kpoppers xD idk why but i suddenly felt excited and interested reading about kpop. it's like our mind matched >.< so, i feel like posting about some of kpop groups that i look up to the most. they are:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Like This yo Like This

hey hey:) so, i spent two nights at Mir's home. awesome! we played games, piano and just goofing around. the best part is that we got to spend our time together~  we even cooked together! mianhae for the tasteless spagetti >.< we watched Kpop mistakes! yeahh it was so fun watching it together. and oh, we even watch death bell. a horror korean movie. AWESOME! we, me and mir, played Money Drop online, woahh i've never knew it would be that hard. best sleepover!

. Amira Sofiyah . Anis Nadzirah . Balqish . Shafiqah Azli . Najwa Nabila . Aida Sofea .
. Choi Minho . Yang Yoseob . TOP . Lee Joon . Shim Changmin . Xiah Junsu .
Gomawo guys :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One step, two steps

holla ^.^ 
woahh i'm seriously tired. went to MBO, watching Breaking Dawn with Balqish. well, no comment for the movie. it was quite interesting to watch and there were some suspense that kept our eyes glued but not much. after that, we kareoke like crazy. here's the list of some songs we sang:

Hello - Shinee
Shock - Beast
Insane - BtoB
Electric Shock - Fx
I'll Be Back - 2PM
Hush - A Pink
Ombak Rindu - Adira ft Hafiz
I Wonder if You Hurt like me - 2AM
Beautiful Night - Beast
Blue - Big Bang
21 Guns - Greenday
Like This - Wonder Girls
Cry Cry - T ara
I Choose to Love You - Hyolin
The Boys - SNSD
Trouble Maker - Hyunseung ft Hyuna
So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold
Never Let You Go - 2AM
Day by Day - T ara
The Climb - Miley Cyrus

 I couldn't really remember all of it but these are some. awesome, right? hee~ then we walked all the way from U Mall to Taman U. Balqish had a piano class and i followed her. watching her playing it. then we went to a Pizza shop where Balqish worked. we had lots of fun today and talked much. Gomawo Balqish:)

Monday, December 3, 2012

The memories that I can’t throw away

kyahhh~ (for no reason) i just want to write something badly even there's nothing to be told.
ah, the memories as a student. being a student was just awesome. we got to hang with each other during recess, play games while there's no teacher monitoring us, talk about Kpop, gossip, and just being ourselves. surely, nobody would even want to leave this scene. i just cant put them in a sentence. so, i think i'll just post the pictures, our pictures:)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

As if I’m caught in a spider web

anneyeong:) i wanna write about songs that i've heard recently that actually blown me away. with the awesome MVs, i even cried while watching '60 seconds' MV by Infinite's Sunggyu. and i scremed when seeing L. so, here's the list of the greatest MVs and songs:

Caffeine - Yoseob
60 Seconds - Sunggyu
Lost - Nicole
Guilty - Seungyeon
Wanna Do - Jiyoung
Daydream - Gyuri
Mia - IU
The Story Only I Didn't Know - IU
All For You - Eunji ft. Seo In Gook
You Were Mine - 2AM
A Sad Love Song - Davichi
Do Men Cry? - Davichi
My Boy - Secret
Love Virus - Eunkwang ft. Yoo Sung Eun
I Only Know Love - BtoB
I Choose To Love You - Hyolin
Invitation - Ailee
April 19th - A Pink

woahh i've heard a lot O.o since i felt bored while studying, i listen to these songs. seriously DAEBAK:)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cause you’re like caffeine

finally, Alhamdulillah. i'm done with all papers! SPM drained lots of energy. jet-lagged for sure. i've drank lots of Neslo and coffee to keep me awake all the time while studying. good enough that i didn't fell asleep when answering those papers~  now, the hardest part, to clean up all the books, recycling them and clean my room! ahhh so not in the mood. the first thing i did just after Biology paper 3: eating maggi. yeah, i've been craving for it for months. and yesterday, had a sleepover at mir's house. awesome! we've played games and just enjoy each others company. it was just too hard to accept the fact that i'm no longer a school girl. will definitely miss the moments with them:) 

and now, i somehow feel weird not studying. sometimes, study is addicting. 

planning for outing and more outings with them before moving to Sepang >.<

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear time, please stop

Happy Eid guys :) this might be the last post before SPM. since i'm at Terengganu and the PC is open and the net is fast, i feel like writing xD but seriously, SPM is less than 10 days! i should be studying by now. okay bye~ but i feel like sharing my trial's result even it's not that good. just so that i could remember one day.

BM                  B+
BI                  A
MATH            A
AGAMA          A
SEJARAH          B+
BIOLOGY        A
PHYSICS          A-
ADD MATH       A+

i hope i'll get better results for my SPM. to all SPM candidates, good luck guys. Hwaiting!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'll write one word at a time, and keep on writing

to say thank you for one of the most awesome day:)
thank you for letting me be the first one on your car
thank you for sending us here and there
thank you for not complaining much
thank you for the badminton moment!
thank you for being patient even you were tired
thank you for still not complaining
thank you for sending me back home:)
thank you for being you HAHAHA
and sorry for all those mistakes
and troubles i've caused
you've known me too well to be mad at me >.<
but still, mianhae.

the reason i'm writing this is to remember
the whole day.

To the Beautiful You.

Friendship sometimes requires understanding, loyalty, jealousy and wasting time.

Friendship is like trapping played at twelve o’clock at noon. The ball wasn’t the only thing that was passed over to you. There was also friendship.

muhd sollehuddin.amalina aliah

Thursday, September 13, 2012

hey youu :)

Miracle is just another name for hard work.

When the fingers on this watch point to 10:10, Gil Da Ran will think of KKJ.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

without mercy.

hoi hoi:) SPM Trial is almost over! only Additional Mathematics left. but that's not why i'm posting.

i just got home and i bought a Malay magazine but Kpop cover; BEAST (definitely not Epop - best magazine ever). i wasn't thinking and just bought it. and now, i'm seriously frustrated and furious! it's not a big deal but why are malay people love the Bads? they stuffed in the story about T-ARA and the bully issue. i'm not a huge fan of T-ara but i could feel the heat. they wrote that the Queens wanted T-ara to disband. how rude is that? Queens never want that to happen and surely still love t-ara. how come they said Queens are now hating t-ara? i still enjoy watching t-ara thou. it's not their fault that Hwayoung left.
The main point: why Malay just wrote about bad things?! what the benefit that you gained? hatred? if you just want to sell the magazine, well, you did it. but now i felt like burning it. (but not Yoseob's part of course. just the other silly things)Day by Day, t-ara:)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Every single day I try

heyhey youyou:) it's been so long since i've updated this little bloggie~ i've been busy with exams and the upcoming one. studying is seriously hard, but not studying is harder thou. the purpose of this post is actually to fill in the stories in my blog. heee:) i might not be updating for a while from now on, maybe until SPM is over. to be frank, i haven't master most of the subjects, even the form4 topics! and it really freaked me out. i just often got distracted, for example, now, i'm distracted by this blog. ahhhh~ okay byebye :| trying to focus on physics! hwaiting!

ps: congratulations to BEAST for their triple crown on MNET, winning on Mubank and Star Champion:) So Beast~

Saturday, June 30, 2012

switching to awesomeness

holla:) i've just watched the switch stage between Infinite and Teen Top, and they were awesome! seriously, i couldn't get them out of my head. even Infinite sounds totally different when singing To You and Teen Top sounds cute while singing The Chaser, they just made it more awesome! and now, i'm switching my bias to WooHyun Infinite and Neil Teen Top. they're so cute at that stage >.<Neil VS WooHyun

KARA's jiyoung awesome HEART~

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Even when hidden, they twinkle

hello hello^^ . feeling like posting something today. but just random pictures of what i'm interested in the most.

the one and only: converse:)

yeah. cupcakes.


coffee! I LOVE it so much

and cute iPhone covers ><