Friday, September 3, 2010


Woah. Nice entry I think. Act, I have lots of members though some said that I'm arrogant. Hey, I'm nice what. I thought I was way to kecoh. Seriously, I LOVE to laugh out loud. Haha. Poor nadira, amalina and alissa. Their lives become miserable because of me. Truly, I can't start a conversation when I don't know the person (teringat pulak mse mule2 msuk smkkp). Hey. I can't just go to you and said 'weh, aku tak sombong, jom la kwn nan aku'. Haha. They'll think I'm crazy for sure la. Some did said that I'm show off. Am I? Maybe a little bit since the trial but I'm anis la weh. Okay back to the topic. What's the different between member and friend? It's easy to find members but hard to find friends. Is there any different? Of course la. Members just stick with you when your mood is okay, when you're kind. I want a friend. Who will still be with me even when I'm down or sad. The one love me the way I am. Who are you? My friend or just member? Who are my friends? Hey. Just ask yourself okay. To all my friends, thank you because you're still here for me, listening to all my problems. Giving me advice and make me trust myself again. Thanks for supporting me when I was down. You are a very very good listener and I love you so much. To my members, thank you for just being a member. After reading this, just think whether you are my member or friend.