Saturday, September 4, 2010

It is you_

Friend is one of the most important people in our life. Friend is the closest person to us besides our family. We spend most of our time in school, with friends. When we are down, a good friend will help us through it. So, I would like to write this note, special for who I called a friend, good friend.

We had met each other but either of us doesn’t think that we would be close friends. It was started with a fight. I was the bad guy and I made you cried. I knew that and I’m sorry. I know back there, we don’t hate each other but why are we kept on fighting. It wasn’t really a fight; it was just an emotion fight. Then on my birthday, you were the only person who gave a present, exactly on that day. Then we got closer to each other. It wasn’t about the present but it was about how thoughtful you were to find me a perfect present, a pink one. I told you before that I used to love pink but not anymore. But you do love pink. So, you gave me this pink thingy and it was beautiful. Do you still remember on the day we were about to have this exam? You helped me a lot on my studies. You were smarter than me but you were very humble. When you called me that day and said that you had to leave the school and me, I couldn’t believe my ears. You came back late to hostel but me and others still want to make it the best day for you. Guess it doesn’t turned out pretty well. When you’re gone from here, I know something is missing. I felt so lonely. There’s nobody to help me through my days. I knew I had lots of friends that could cheer me but you were different, you’re special. Then I made a decision to move from that school too. We get closer then with the use of technology, our phone. At the night before I had my PMR Trial, you gave me all the tips on how to success and you gave me the spirit. You were more nervous than me, I could see that. You’re true friend. Although you were miles away from me, I knew you’re always there for me. You were always in my heart. I miss you dearly.


The day you sucked the red-inked pen never vanished from my mind. The ink went all over your mouth as if your mouth were badly injured, full of blood. It was a memory that reminded me of you. I sat next to you and you treated me pretty well. We get closer then. After our UPSR result, you called me and asked me to go to SMKBT2. I can’t believe that we were in the same class. You were the class monitor and I was you assistant. We worked together. We were like children back there, we football using a drinking can, we chased each other like little kid and the most unforgettable moment was when I defeated you in the game of chess. We sang together the song from the show called ‘tom tom bak’. It was a lot of fun. Then you moved to English College. It was so deserted without you. After I moved back here, you always send me gifts. You were so kind. When you spent all of your savings for me, I was felt so guilty when you did that. I never knew I was that important to you. I want you to know that you were that important to me as well.

A_A Poyo

On the mid-year break, you accidentally told me your biggest secret. Then, we started to message a lot. You trusted me. We spent most of our time, messaging each other during the whole school break. But then, it seems like our friendship didn’t last too long. We haven’t contact each other for few weeks. Then I don’t know how it happen, we got close again. You helped me through all my bad days, I told you all the things happened to me and you done that to me as well. When I was bored, sad or even happy, I knew I could count on you to be my diary because you would always listen to my stories. There is one night; you told me that you would stay up late to message me and accompanied me when I still can’t sleep before my mom took back my phone. You were very sporting and kind. You were a great person. You sacrificed your time for me, you understand me, and the most important thing, you didn’t hate me for being an annoying person. Although we’re only close with each other in a phone, but I knew it was enough and it’s better to always be like that. I do hope our friendship will last forever.

Yaw baby!

I never thought you were the one who loved me so much. Every night, we shared stories together before we went to bed. You told me about your days and I told you about mine. When I had a stomachache after eating too much, you would always helped my by rubbing and kneading my body to reduce my pain and stiffness. When I was suffering from one itchy problem, you were the one who rubbed the lotion on me. You still treated me in a great way although I was very annoying. You were like my older sister. You take care of me on my time there. I remember this one day, I told you that I would have to move from SMKBT2 if my examination result were bad and you worked as hard as you could to teach me about the subject that I didn’t able to score A. You even stayed up late to help me on my studies but guess I didn’t put much effort on it. My result was bad. I didn’t go back to hostel for a week and it was one week of school holiday after that. My parents were discussing about moving me back home, I was afraid to tell you that. Then three days before going back to hostel, I sent you a text message and told you that I would be leaving SMKBT2 soon. Then, you called me, crying. You said that you had been waiting for me for the past few weeks but I just went back to hostel then leave again. You were crying when you told me that. I was crying also. When I went back for my last night there, you treated me so special. Thank you for making that day a special day for me and I could never forget it.

Miss F

Our school had a fire drill. I had nowhere to go and I had no idea where am I heading to. Then I met you. It was a sudden. We talked much about each other. It seems pretty short time for us to be closer friends. You suddenly told me your secret. We started messaging each other, in English. There’re so many topics we discuss about and it was so much fun, sharing all our thoughts and secrets. We had a fight most of the time but then doesn’t affect a bit. Sometime, you were mad at me and I knew I was being too ego. I’m sorry for blaming you on our fights. There is one day, the day before our PMR trial, we messaged a lot. I think we were messaging for the whole day. We played quizzes about History as we had our History test on the next day. I got lots of new useful knowledge cause of you. And guess what, I got an A in that test for the first time. I owed you big time.


When we were ten, we used to play together. We cycled all around and shared stories together. We had so much fun. But then, I moved. We were not close to each other anymore. Until we were twelve, we were in the same class. We started to be close again. When we were thirteen, we went to different school but it didn’t break us up. We sent letters to each other and still sharing our stories. You told me about your school and I told you about mine. One day, I had to move back from my school because of my exam result that was totally terrible. I went to this school, the same school with you. We became closer again. I happen to know your little secret and that kept us closer to each other. You were so kind. You did sacrifice on your own life. I know you’re not happy about it. All you were thinking was my happiness. There was one time; you broke your own heart because you want me to be happy. But I didn’t understand you, I never did. I judged you in a wrong way. I’m sorry. You tried to understand me and you did. You were so purely nice. You always asked for forgiveness although you had never done even a single mistake to me. I’m glad to get a chance to know you.



It was a normal day as usual. I don’t know how, we were actually talking with each other, sharing our stories. We got closer day by day. On the award-giving rehearsal day, we sat near to each other. You told me a lot about yourself. I started to know you better. After end of primary school, you called me. You asked me to go to SMKBT2 too. But in February, you got an offer to go to MRSM. Your mom wanted you to go there badly. Guess we had no chance to be friend any longer. But I was wrong. When we were in form one, you often called me. You called me using public phone there and I knew you had lost lots of money just to talk with me. When it was school holidays, you always messaged me. We talked so much about each other. But then, I had no idea how it happen, we kind of lost contact with each other. We had not communicated for a long time I think. But just after your birthday this year, you messaged me. You always did messaged me when it was you birthday. I never did forget it. After that, we started to contact each other again. We became closer than ever. You had change, a lot I think. But what I like is that you became more sporting. Our conversation had been very wonderful as there were so many things to talk about. You were the one who get me off my boring days. It was so fun to befriend with you.


You were the only person who gave me greeting card last year. You said you wanted to be my friend. I’m totally fine with it and I want to be your friend also. But guess I’m too shy to reply your card. No hard feeling okay. After that, I sat near to you. We started chit-chatting. It was a lot of fun. Until one day, after our second-test, I got bad result and you got a good result. I was very disappointed. But you seem to be arrogant. I knew you didn’t mean to be like that. It just happens or maybe it was just my feeling. I did something terrible after that. I’m regretting for doing that. I told you what I had done after we our relationship got better. If I were you, I don’t think I can forgive myself but you did. You said it wasn’t big deal. You didn’t mad at me. I thought we would never be friend again after the incident but your kindness did make us a great friend. You always try to give the best for me, thank you.


Before I had any friend here, you came to me, be my friend. When I was lonely, you did accompany me. You were the one who trust me and I trust you. This one day, I had a very difficult time of my life. You were ready, to hear my story. I was crying. You cheered me up. I knew you had your own life and why should you still cared about me? I didn’t even can understand you. But starting from that time, I knew how to understand you. You told me a huge secret that you never told anybody. I still keeping it and nobody ever knew about it, until now. We became best friends but nobody can even realize that. We became closer although even us, ourselves didn’t notice it. We just like normal friend but I knew that you were the one, my friend. You were the person who helped me through my bad days, and the one who gave me inspiration.


This is my story, story about my friends that had made my life better day by day. They were the one who kept me standing here, giving me the spirit. I don’t know how to repay all the good things you guys had done for me. I love you guys so much. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being my friend. And thank you for just being you.