Friday, September 3, 2010


It was a normal Sunday morning when you decided to drive me to the beach. I get into the car as soon as you asked me to. We left mom alone in our moderate house. Mom was pregnant and you never bother about her. I want to speak up for mom but I was too afraid of you. What can a six year old boy possibly do? When we reach the beach, you went away and left me there to play all by myself. I saw you with a random girl but you didn’t saw me standing next to you. You even gave me 20 cent. Maybe you thought I was a beggar. You can’t even recognize your own son. We went home late at night. Mom was screaming when we get home. She’s going to give birth. I was very excited but you didn’t care at all. You went straight to the bedroom. I called the 911. Ambulance came right away and mom gave birth to my sister in the ambulance. You weren’t there. I hate you.

I accompany mom for the whole night. You came that morning and you took away my new-born sister and disappear. I had no idea where you brought her to but you never came back. I never told mom what had happened. Mom thought the she was miscarriage. Four years later, you came back. You bought along my sister. Mom was surprised to see a four-year-old child with you. I thought you had found the right path and decided to regret for your old blindness. I could forgive you. Then I told mom about my sister. You didn’t want to take care of her. I knew that for sure. She was blind and she only has one leg. I still remember that she was perfect on the day she was born. You’d destroyed her for your own satisfaction.

You just absconded again. You took away all my saving which I put on a lot of effort on that to defray our family. I had been working in a workshop. I was very noble with all the engines stuff as you used to teach me about it since I was five. I still remember that day. You were the most amazing person I’ve seen. You changed in a blink of an eye. I was suffering cause of your wickedness. You left sister with me. I’m only ten and I have to foster the family. Where are you responsibility? But I don’t mind. I knew I’m big enough to deal with this. I used to live in this situation. I never thought this life is unfair because I know you don’t hate us. You’re just selfish.

It’s been a long time. I was fourteen now. I miss you, I really do. Sometimes, I do wonder whether you still remember me and sister and even mom. I knew you had a better life out there. You must already have a better family and that’s why you left us. I saw you just now with that beautiful lady. You walked in front of me with her. You
didn’t even noticed me perhaps you didn’t know I’m your son. But I forgave you already. I just want you to know that even you hurt me so bad, I never was vengeful. I’m writing this to let you know that I’m still alive. I miss you. Hey dad.

--- THE END ---